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Antony Jenkins on "Digital Society"

We start 2017 with an evening with Antony Jenkins on “Digital Society”. Antony’s experience ranges from being CEO of Barclays – where he was nicknamed “Saint Antony” for his progressive agenda – to his current role as a fintech entrepreneur. He is asking deep questions of where tech is taking us – is the end game dystopia or utopia? We’ll hear how transformative digital technologies are reshaping business and society, and how they fit with an increasingly populist, short-term business agenda. Whilst automating work and widening the skills ...Read more

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Modern slavery: How do we stop it?

Why do businesses need to act now to stop modern slavery? Watch Norman Pickavance, Partner of Grant Thornton, thoughtful 5-minute long documentary about the history of slavery. What lessons can we learn from history? To abolish modern slavery businesses need to find their voice, go beyond compliance and collaborate more. Read more

The Crowd’s 2017 editorial plan

2017 will be an important year for The Crowd, with our hundredth event in April 2017, by which point over 18,000 people will have taken part. We are not aware of any monthly event in any sector that has managed this longevity.   Our focus in 2017 will continue to be on identifying the breaking issues in the relationship between business and society, and exploring how business can use its muscle to be a force for good.   We will continue to build corporate audiences of sustainability specialists, and actively broaden in to other functions such as finance, supply chain, energy, cor... Read more


Diversity: the killer app?

With the link between diversity and success being well documented, the debate is rapidly moving to how to build a diverse organisation quickly. Organisations that are slow to achieve seem destined to become less relevant. A 2015 study by McKinsey found that UK companies with 10% higher gender and racial diversity in their management teams have a 6% higher profit before tax. Why is this? They make better decisions and innovate faster. They tend to find it easier to hire top talent and connect with customers, and have higher levels of employee satisfaction. But as we’ll explore with s... Read more



Slavery. Our time to act?


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Modern slavery: How do we stop i...