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New World, New Economics

For the past century, the western world has been dominated by the economic concepts of GDP and Neoliberalism, but there is a growing body of evidence, research and expert opinion that they are not suitable for addressing the many challenges of the 21st century.   As a measure of national wealth, GDP is a crude tool that, as Bobby Kennedy once said, measures everything except that which makes life worthwhile. Neoliberalism - the dominant economic ideology of the past 40 years, characterised by policies such as austerity, privatisation, deregulation, free trade and small governme...Read more

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X Energy April 2018

On 11th April 2018 in London, The Crowd will bring together 160+ senior energy, sustainability, property, and facilities professionals for X Energy. This impactful half day event will explore the intersection of energy and tech, inspiring and connecting the leading minds from a mix of energy intensive sectors. We’ll explore how disruptive technologies, new energy management strategies and financing models are exponentially changing energy programmes in large organisations, and share knowledge and latest thinking amongst the community. The programme on the day is a mix of inspiring... Read more

X Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Short highlights video from The Crowd's inaugural X Health, Safety & Wellbeing event, exploring exponential, disruptive technology innovation and transformative new thinking for corporate HSE and wellbeing. Read more


Diversity: the killer app?

With the link between diversity and success being well documented, the debate is rapidly moving to how to build a diverse organisation quickly. Organisations that are slow to achieve seem destined to become less relevant. A 2015 study by McKinsey found that UK companies with 10% higher gender and racial diversity in their management teams have a 6% higher profit before tax. Why is this? They make better decisions and innovate faster. They tend to find it easier to hire top talent and connect with customers, and have higher levels of employee satisfaction. But as we’ll explore with s... Read more



X Health, Safety & Wellbeing


Disruptive Business Models

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X Health, Safety & Wellbeing