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X Energy 2017

On 24th October in London, The Crowd will bring together 160+ senior energy, sustainability, property, and facilities professionals for X Energy 2017. This impactful half day event will explore the intersection of energy and tech, inspiring and connecting the leading minds from a mix of energy intensive sectors. We'll explore how disruptive technologies, new energy management strategies and financing models are exponentially changing energy programmes in large organisations, and share knowledge and latest thinking amongst the community. The programme on the day is a mix of inspiring...Read more

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Sustainable Supply Transformation

The confluence of two powerful mega trends is radically transforming the world of business supply chains in unprecedented ways. The rise of hyperconnectivity and social media has created a generation of empowered global consumers who are more informed and demanding than ever before about the social, environmental and ethical footprint of the companies, brands and products they purchase. The age of anonymity and sustainable lip-service is gone, replaced by an all-seeing, always-connected and ultra-empowered consumer world, where authenticity and sustainability are crucial for business longevit... Read more

October 2017 Forum Highlights

At a time of proliferating fake news, propaganda and PR-spin doctoring, with trust in the institutions of government, business, media and NGOs seemingly in freefall - it is hard not to feel we are facing a crisis of trust. But are we? Our October Crowd Forum with Rachel Botsman and Robert Phillips tackled this issue head-on, and proposed an alternative viewpoint. Rather than being in crisis, perhaps trust is undergoing a transformational shift - from institutional to distributed. Check out the highlights video from what was an enlightening, inspiring and thought-provoking Crowd Forum consideri...Read more


Diversity: the killer app?

With the link between diversity and success being well documented, the debate is rapidly moving to how to build a diverse organisation quickly. Organisations that are slow to achieve seem destined to become less relevant. A 2015 study by McKinsey found that UK companies with 10% higher gender and racial diversity in their management teams have a 6% higher profit before tax. Why is this? They make better decisions and innovate faster. They tend to find it easier to hire top talent and connect with customers, and have higher levels of employee satisfaction. But as we’ll explore with s... Read more



October 2017 Forum Highlights


Disruptive Business Models

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October 2017 Forum Highlights