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X Health, Safety & Wellbeing 2017

On 23rd November in London, The Crowd will bring together 120+ senior health & safety, wellbeing and sustainability professionals for X Health, Safety & Wellbeing. This impactful half day event will explore how to apply exponential and disruptive thinking and solutions to corporate health, safety and wellbeing strategies. inspiring and connecting the leading minds from a mix of industry sectors. We'll explore how disruptive technologies like augmented and virtual reality, and new supportive initiatives for employee mental health and wellbeing are exponentially changing traditiona...Read more

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Crowdsourcing & Digital Innovation for Sustainability

Here at The Crowd, a genuine belief in “The Wisdom of Crowds” is central to our mission. It is part of our DNA and central to everything we do. We also believe that solutions for the most challenging global problems confronting business, government and society, can be found by tapping into the deep wellspring of innovation, passion and experience that exists in humanity’s collective intelligence. In today’s digitally empowered and socially connected “Idea Economy” we have an unprecedented ability to harness the diverse perspectives of large groups of peopl... Read more

X Energy 2017 Highlights

Highlights, takeaways and insights from The Crowd's X Energy 2017 forum. Get inspired with real-world experience on exponential and disruptive energy innovations from Sainsbury's, LEGO Group, Hammerson, Electron, Moixa, Pavegen, Hilton Group and The Climate Group. Read more


Diversity: the killer app?

With the link between diversity and success being well documented, the debate is rapidly moving to how to build a diverse organisation quickly. Organisations that are slow to achieve seem destined to become less relevant. A 2015 study by McKinsey found that UK companies with 10% higher gender and racial diversity in their management teams have a 6% higher profit before tax. Why is this? They make better decisions and innovate faster. They tend to find it easier to hire top talent and connect with customers, and have higher levels of employee satisfaction. But as we’ll explore with s... Read more



X Energy 2017 Highlights


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X Energy 2017 Highlights