Andrew Shapiro


GreenOrder & GO Ventures

Andrew has played a pivotal role in the development of business strategies around society and the environment in the US. His accolades are many – Fortune Magazine described him as “green business's go-to guy”, and he has also been profiled in a New York Times feature “A Dollars-and-Cents Man with a Green Philosophy”.

Andrew founded GreenOrder, a strategic advisory firm that has worked with more than 100 enterprises to make energy and environmental innovation a source of competitive advantage. Highlights include working with GE's leadership since 2004 on the creation and execution of its multi-billion dollar ecomagination initiative; counselling GM for five years on strategic issues including the launch of the Chevrolet Volt; and serving as the green advisor for 7 World Trade Center, NYC’s first LEED-certified office tower. 

In 2008, Andrew and his partners sold GreenOrder to LRN, a global advisory and solutions firm, and he continued to lead the firm through 2011. In January 2012, he moved to GO Ventures, a Green Order subsidiary that invests in environmentally innovative businesses.  GO Ventures co-founded and financed California Bioenergy, Class Green Capital, and

Andrew has written two books. “The Control Revolution” (1999), was an bestseller, and “We're Number One!: Where America Stands—and Falls—in the New World Order” (1992) was published by Random House and released in the US, Germany and Japan.

Andrew lives in New York.