Antoni Ballabriga

Global Head of Responsible Business


Antoni  reports  directly  to  the Board  of  Directors.  His  mission  is  to  become  the second  line  of  defense  to  ensure  that  people  are  systematically  placed  at the decision making processes.  This  includes  the  entire  main  value  chain:  from  the  design  of  customer solutions   to   marketing   and   sales,   customer   relations,   recovery   and complaints.  

Furthermore,  he  works  to  reinforce  and  coordinate  responsible business  culture;  social,  environmental  and  reputational  risks;  integrated reporting;   Social   Responsible   Investor   relations   (SRI)   and   responsible procurement. He also manages community involvement programs. He is also President of DIRSE, Spanish Association of CSR Professionals and Former   President  of   SpainSIF,   Spanish   Forum   for   Socially   Responsible Investment. Antoni   holds   a   Degree   in   Business   Sciences   and   Master in   Business Administration  from  ESADE  Business  School.  He  has  studied  strategy  and CSR  at  Harvard  Business  School  and  is  First  Mover  Fellow  at  The  Aspen Institute.