Changemaker: Green Manufacturing

Our "Green Manufacturing" report pulls together the views of 155 experts through a live debate, roundtables, blogs and a survey.

The key finding is that the first movers are reaping commercial benefits. 68% of the crowd believe the returns generated by green investments have been "attractive", versus 7% who think they have been "disappointing". Most investors would happily take that success rate.

The main emerging benefit is a spur for innovation. Lego's Tim Brooks summed it up with "Green manufacturing is the ability to see an engineering, design or production challenge from a different angle. A 'green' lens will often uncover a real win/win business case we would not have otherwise found."

Our pre- event poll showed that the company that this crowd most admires in green manufacturing was Interface. We were proud to work with them as our Changemaker for this event - as we saw from Nigel Stanfield’s keynote address, its commitment is truly remarkable.