Changemaker: New Business Models

Our “New Business Models” report pulls together the view of 218 people, following a call from our Changemaker, Mike Barry (Director for Sustainable Business, M&S). We wanted to get the views of a diverse crowd, made up of people at big businesses, NGOs and start-ups, on the threat and opportunity these new business models pose.

Here are some examples of what you'll find inside;

  • The 13 things large companies should consider when investing in new business models.
  • Why the key business models are "peer to peer", "access over ownership" and "closed loop".
  • Why the high risk sectors are retail, manufacturing, banking and energy.
  • Why technology is the big enabler, and why much change is still to come.
  • And how most of these new models have a strong consumer pull - no hair shirts are required.

This is one of the most challenging areas of corporate sustainability, as the ROI for many of the new models are lower than their core business. But with the risk of not participating increasing, how long can you afford to wait?

A special thanks to Mike Barry and Fishburn for their help in the creation of this report

January 2014