Christiana Figueres at The Crowd

Date: 2017-04-10

Watch Christiana Figueres in conversation with Axel Threlfall at the 100th Crowd Forum from 10th April 2017.


The 100th Crowd Forum was a moment to thank the 300 speakers and 17,000 attendees who have contributed to a rolling conversation spanning nine years, and we were extremely privileged to mark this important milestone with the impressive Christiana Figueres.


Christiana has had an extraordinary impact on the global climate agenda. Inheriting the leadership role for the UN climate agreement process in 2010, her infectious, and self-described “stubborn optimism” was instrumental in bringing 194 heads of state together to sign and ratify the Paris Agreement. For her work at the UNFCCC, she has been credited with forging a new brand of “collaborative diplomacy” – achieving a degree of success that many thought unlikely if not impossible. 


Christiana was interviewed by Axel Threlfall, where they explored the role business can play, how the climate agenda can prevail in a world of shifting priorities and where the breakthrough solutions are emerging.

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