Corinne Bazina

General Manager


Corinne Bazina has been General Manager of danone.communities since April 2014. Danone.communities brings together men and women, as well as financial resources, to help social entrepreneurs meet basic needs, malnutrition and access to water for poverty reduction. Their common goal is to develop sustainable social business. Today, there are 10 danone.communities social business projects in seven countries (Bangladesh, India, Mexico, Cambodia, Senegal, France, China). Before this position, Corinne managed Grameen Danone Foods Ltd. in Bangladesh (since 2010). Grameen Danone is one of the 10 projects of danone.communities fund. This social business created in 2007 aims at fighting malnutrition through selling a micro-nutrient fortified affordable yoghurt and reducing poverty via income generation for local communities. As sales are growing, her main challenge is to reach financial sustainability. Prior to Bangladesh, Corinne had a strong experience in Danone in marketing and sales. She is interested in scale up problematics, impact measurements and people development.