The Crowd in 2016: what we're working on

Everything The Crowd does is underpinned by the belief that the solutions for a sustainable world already exist but are not widely distributed. The question that preoccupies us is how we can diffuse what works faster. We’d love to connect everyone using wires and electrodes, but our lawyers tell us it isn’t going to happen. The good news is that we believe we can get pretty close with digital platforms, and without electrocuting anyone. That’s why a lot of our focus for 2016 will be on The Curve and Co:create, which is taking us into exciting and unknown territory.

Our aim for The Crowd Forum is to connect and inspire the agents of change in big business, and it has met 86 times with over 15,000 people taking part. We have a deep gratitude to our sponsors, partners, speakers and audience members who make this rolling conversation work. Our near term focus will be on the ingredients of systems change, and with a leaning toward tech solutions. We’re working on areas like Social impact (Feb 8th), the Blockchain Revolution (March 7th), the Sustainable Development Goals and the Art of Story Telling (think rappers…). We believe there is another level to reach with the Forum, and we need your help in getting it there. We’re going to lay bare our plans through our Co:create platform in February.   

Drawing up sustainability strategies in a hyper-connected world is becoming harder and easier. Harder if you rely on a small team of experts to draw and execute a plan. Easier if you can access all the ideas in your stakeholder groups, and turn them into a plan with widespread ownership. Instead of starting with a question that begins with “what”, we should all begin with “who” – who are the people that can make this a success? The problem to solve is how to efficiently bring them in as collaborators, which is what Co:create seeks to solve, by drawing on our Sainsbury’s and British Land “Going Naked” processes. The strapline is “reinventing the art of strategy”…. More soon, and contact me if you want to learn more.

The Curve
The Curve is the most ambitious project that The Crowd has embarked on, and we sometimes wonder if we’re mad. It aims to become the "TripAdvisor" for energy and carbon management, a global platform for sharing carbon and energy projects – paybacks, comments, star ratings etc. As Robin Chase told our audience in November, “everything that can have a platform will have a platform”, and we believe a platform like The Curve could knock 20% of carbon emissions out of business. We’re currently in stealth mode with 18 "Pioneer" companies whilst we build up seed data (currently at £500m worth of projects), ahead of a wider engagement in February. If you’re interested in learning more, see the website or contact David Short.

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