• by Jim Wood, CEO, Green Mondays
  • Apr 23, 2014

Today marks the launch of our latest Crowdsourced report Crowdsourced: Net Positive - the first in our Changemaker series. To say we are feeling pretty proud is an understatement.


Here at Green Mondays we believe in the ability of the crowd to advance thinking on the big ideas shaping business strategy. The Changemaker Series is the latest example of this in action.


Our unique platform pairs inspiring leaders with our crowd of sustainability and business experts, harnessing their collective wisdom and driving forward real and systemic change.


To put it simply - By putting talented people together to share ideas the Changemakers platform helps get things done.


Our inaugural Changemaker was the brilliant Dax Lovegrove from WWF. He posed the question ‘How can Net Positive thinking empower the next generation of business models?’


The crowd expressed itself through blogs, an online survey, a panel debate that included some of the leading proponents of Net Positive, and 13 specialist roundtable discussions.


The resulting report, pulled together by our friends at Fishburn Hedges Group, looks at Net Positive thinking through three lenses: what Net Positive means as a movement, what approaches work best, and how can Net Positive work well in practise. It offers considered opinion, recommendations and a menu of ideas that simply couldn't be compiled in any other way.


We know you'll enjoy reading it and would encourage you to share it with colleagues and peers. All we ask in return is you get in touch and let us know what you think, and if it helps to create the systemic change we all desire.


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