Dr Rob Wylie

Co-founder and Partner

WHEB Ventures

Dr Rob Wylie has focused on the clean technology investment area for over 20 years and is a Founder Partner of WHEB Ventures.  WHEB began as an award winning clean technology incubator and corporate finance group in 1995 before evolving into WHEB Ventures, raising the UK’s first cleantech VC fund.  WHEB now manages two specialist cleantech VC funds with total assets under management of £130m. Rob is also a co-founder of other companies within the WHEB Group all of which focus on environmental markets: WHEB Asset Management for investment in quoted sustainable stocks, WHEB Infrastructure Partners for investment in renewable energy projects, and  RUSTON wheb, the cleantech executive search company.

A chemist with an MA and PhD from Cambridge University, Rob spent ten years in Shell’s agrochemical business before working in the 1980s with Rothschild’s Bioscience unit looking at clean technology investment opportunities. He then joined KPMG, where he advised on the development of a variety of environmental funds in Central and Eastern Europe.

Rob has been an active participant on numerous Industry, UK Government and University cleantech advisory boards.