Energy Efficiency 2011 White Paper

Published in June 2011, this event paper accompanied our Green Corporate Energy 2011 Summit, and contains an expert crowd’s view on the investment case for energy efficiency.

The clear output was that in 2011 there was a substantial market failure around Energy Efficiency. To differing extents, all companies had commercially attractive investment opportunities that were yet to be taken. The leaders were getting close to realising the extent of their opportunities, but in most organisations the opportunities fall into the category of Rumsfeld’s “unknown unknowns”. Building a strategy when the costs and benefits are unknown is not easy.

It is also clear that the leaders were succeeding through business strategy rather than technical knowledge. For this reason we attempted to extract a generic Strategic Framework which could be held
against any strategy, and we have drawn out what we consider to be the 4 most important strategic themes in this paper.

We’re grateful to the 150+ people who have fed into this White Paper. 10 organisations have shared data and strategies to provide fresh and inspiring case studies; 9 organisations have provided Strategy Insights in areas where they are regarded as experts, and 102 people filled in the 20 minute Survey.