Gib Bulloch

Founder and (Former) Executive Director

Accenture Development Partnerships

Gib Bulloch is Founder and former Executive Director of Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP), a corporate social enterprise hosted within Accenture, whose clients include many of the major international NGOs and development agencies. Since 2003, ADP has brought Accenture’s business and technology expertise to the international development sector on a not-for-profit basis and has championed the concept of cross sector convergence which predicts an emerging 4th Sector. ADP has gained recognition as a pioneering new business model through various prestigious awards and is featured in an INSEAD MBA Teaching Case on social innovation. 

Gib is a regular blogger and speaker on the role of business in development, cross-sectoral partnerships/convergence and has played a key role in promoting the emerging concept of social intrapreneurship as co-founder of The League of Intrapreneurs and as a Visiting Fellow at the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility at Cranfield University.  In 2008, he was named as the Sunday Times sponsored Management Consultant of the Year in the Best Partner/Director category.  

Gib serves on the US Board of the END Fund for Neglected Tropical Diseases and is a member of the UK Secretary of State for International Development’s Economic Development Advisory Group.  Gib left Accenture in January 2016 to pursue new interests within the development sector.