How we build our crowds

The Forum is designed to share knowledge between large businesses, and we aim to have over 70% of the crowd from large organisations (defined as companies whose revenues exceed £150m), from a variety of industry and public sectors.

We send frequent email updates to our community with information about our events, and people are invited to apply for a place at any they would like to attend. We verify each application by using linkedin and general web searches, and applicants are able to provide additional information to support their case to attend as they apply.

Typically, successful applicants are Manager, Head of/ Director level in large organisations, in roles including: sustainability, CSR, corporate affairs, strategy, finance, supply chain, energy, environment, communications, marketing, property & operations.

We also welcome representation from NGO's, policy makers and investors, but these spaces are much more limited (around 5% of the crowd). Places for companies providing sustainability services are extremely limited, especially given our commitments to our sponsors.

We appreciate being unsuccessful in applying to attend an event can feel frustrating, and we welcome any questions you might have ahead of applying. Please feel free to contact us