Jeremy Basset

Global Marketing Strategy Director


As Unilever’s Global Marketing Strategy Director, Jeremy is responsible for helping to shape Unilever’s Marketing and innovation strategy. Jeremy is also responsible for initiating and leading the Unilever Foundry, Unilever’s platform to engage with startups and innovative tech companies who can help Unilever pioneer the future.

Through Foundry, Unilever brands and functions publicise their challenges online (, and innovators then pitch to pilot with Unilever. This pitch-pilot-partner process puts collaborative innovation at the heart of Unilever, enabling the organisation to  pioneer, experiment and scale new technologies.

Prior to his current role, Jeremy was Global Director in Unilever’s New Businesses Unit where he was responsible for leveraging Unilever’s brands and IP to develop new ventures. This included developing new technologies, business models and partnerships which stretched Unilever beyond the company’s core capabilities.

During Jeremy’s 11 years at Unilever, he has lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & the UK. Jeremy has a marketing and commercial background, with a degree in Accounting & Marketing, he’s CPA qualified and has an MBA from London Business School.