Justin Basini

Co-Founder & CEO


Justin’s career began as a marketing graduate at Procter & Gamble, before he moved into financial services as the Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Deutsche Bank.

He subsequently joined Capital One as Vice President for Marketing and Brand, and was named Financial Services Forum Marketer of the Year, and the Most Influential Direct Marketer in the UK in 2008 for his environmental stance on the direct marketing industry.

Justin left to launch a brand management consultancy in London called Differ, where he lectured at the London Business School on Marketing and Brand Management.

He then built and launched ALLOW, a data security software that provided identity theft protection and junk mail blocking for its members. Backed by Arts Alliance, he exited successfully in early 2013.

In late 2014, Justin incorporated his current business, ClearScore.com, where he is CEO and Co-founder. As the first company in the UK to offer a credit score and monthly report for free, ClearScore was born to disrupt a credit checking industry that wasn’t working in the public’s best interests. Incumbents were charging customers £15 per month to view their own financial data, and Justin felt that there was a better way to make this information more accessible.

Since its public launch in July 2015, the business has acquired more than 4 million customers, a rapid rise that has allowed ClearScore to overtake long-stablished competitors to become the number one credit checking service in the UK, a member of Tech City’s Future Fifty, and a home to 98 employees in London and India.