Leanne Kemp

Founder & CEO


Leanne Kemp is the founder & CEO of Everledger - a digital global ledger that tracks and protects items of value.

With a wealth of successful startup companies under her belt, Leanne is pushing boundaries in protecting the global market of diamonds and luxury items.

Utilising her extensive background in Emerging Technologies, Business, Jewellery and Insurance - Leanne and Everledger are working towards creating global transparency and an ethical trade platform by constructing a digital and encrypted global certification system that assists in the reduction of fraud, black markets and trafficking.

Everledger is leading the market in real world application of blockchain boasting an impressive set of peer recognition and awards including the Meffy Award 2015 for innovation in FinTech, BBVA Open Talent 2015, Fintech Finals Best in Show Award 2016 Hong Kong and nominee for The FT ArcelorMittal Boldness in Business Awards 2016.