Louise Ellison

Group Head of Sustainability


Louise Ellison is the Group Head of Sustainability at Hammerson plc. She leads a team of 7 people, responsible for establishing and delivering Hammerson’s sustainability programme, Positive Places across the asset management and development portfolios in the UK, France and Ireland. Hammerson is an industry leader in sustainability, consistently delivering new initiatives alongside year on year operational efficiencies. The company has recently launched a target of becoming Net Positive in carbon emissions, resource use, water demand and socio-economic impacts by 2030.

Louise’s external roles include Chairmanship of the Better Buildings Partnership, an organisation of 28 commercial property landlords committed to improving the environmental performance of their portfolios. Her other external roles include membership of the Green Construction Board, a joint industry-Government initiative to support better environmental performance across the sector. She was previously Head of Sustainability at Quintain Estates and Development plc and Research Director at Investment Property Forum.