Mark Schofield

Global Leader, Sustainability & Climate Change, Tax Partner


Mark is a Tax Partner at PwC. He leads the firm’s global Sustainability and Climate Change Tax services.

Together with a team of advisers, Mark provides businesses with advice and support on the tax issues surrounding the sustainability and climate change agenda.

Mark and the team have helped businesses to create clear sustainability strategies around the tax and regulatory agenda, and put them into action: helping to simplify the often complex areas of regulation, legislation incentives and potential future taxes.

They’ve also developed strong relationships with legislators and the important decisions-makers in government, both in the UK and overseas.

By talking to the right people in the Government, they encourage debates that highlight the concerns of business and help shape green policy. It also gives the team the insight to help clients make informed decisions about their strategy and put their mid to long-term plans into action.

Mark has been a partner at PwC for ten years and is based in the firm’s Embankment Place offices in London.