Michael Beutler

Director of Sustainability Operations


Michael Beutler joined Kering as the Director of Sustainability Operations in September 2011. Prior to Kering, Michael served 6 years at SAP in Senior Management positions including his last role as Global Director of Sustainability and Strategy for 3 years, and has worked at international corporations DHL, PWC and Ford over the last two decades.

Coming from a background across many industries, including retail, consumer products, automotive, high technology and hospitality, and his roles having spanned finance, sales and marketing, product development, and sustainability, gives Michael a unique perspective and skill-set. Ultimately, he is able to bridge the nuts and bolts of technical sustainability expertise with the reality of the day-to-day operations of a business, so as to build realistic and viable business frameworks in the realm sustainability.

Michael’s own sustainability journey began with volunteer work with Windstar, a non-profit dedicated to collaborative approaches to solving sustainability challenges. This work set the foundation for him to seek synergistic solutions to global programs that helped support individuals, communities and businesses. From there he studied environmental law at the University of Colorado School of Law, considered one of the best programs of its kind in the United States.  At the same time, Michael worked at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, helping businesses measure and realize cost savings from avoiding pollution and reducing their energy footprint.

Michael then focused on metrics-driven operational improvements at leading global supply chains, both as a consultant and in direct management roles. At SAP, Michael helped develop the business case for sustainability that was presented to the SAP Management Board. He was a key player in the launch of the sustainability line of business at SAP, which included an in-depth understanding of customers’ sustainability challenges across all industries. Michael led SAP’s sustainability reporting efforts and is considered a thought leader on this topic.

During his recent tenure at Kering, Michael has been integral to operationalizing Kering’s new sustainability department. He oversees and manages a team to implement cross-cutting innovative approaches to help manage and reduce the environmental impacts from Kering’s Luxury and Sport & Lifestyle brands. This includes being responsible for implementing the brand’s individual Environmental Profit & Loss Accounts (E P&L) to construct the final Group E P&L, and as a core part of the next phase in the E P&L development. His team has been instrumental in embedding sustainability across all of the Group's brands and making it a key part of their business activities, as well as for being recognized by external rating agencies and publications for Kering’s sustainability program excellence.