Mick Bremans



Mr. Bremans has served as Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors of Ecover since 1993. As CEO, he gained extensive experience in implementing the principles of sustainable development in Ecover’s business strategies and has seen the Belgian-based company grow and expand internationally. In May 2011, he  became Chairman of Ecover Group. In this position he supports the further growth and diversification of the Ecover Group of companies.

Mr. Bremans holds an undergraduate and graduate degree in Applied Economic Sciences of the University of Antwerp and is author of the book “Eco Logica” (Lannoo) which was published in 2009.

He has appeared and presented at numerous conferences, seminars and universities where he lectures on issues such as CSR and Sustainability. In 2010, he was featured as a guest speaker on international seminars in The Netherlands and Belgium and at World Forum Lille in France.

In October 2008, TIME magazine honored Mr. Bremans as a “Hero of The Environment” along with 29 other eco-pioneers who are changing the world.