Net Positive

This report contains an expert crowd’s view on the emerging concept of ‘Net Positive’, led by WWF’s Dax Lovegrove. The challenge we put to Dax was ‘how can Net Positive thinking empower the next generation of business models?’

You don’t need to be a sustainability guru to recognise that the speed with which business is tackling environmental and social issues is lacking. And it is perhaps an organic response to this deficit that we’re seeing the emergence of a new and much more ambitious type of strategy.

A quick search at the end of last year revealed 12 leading organisations that have recently committed to being Net Positive on environmental or social issues. And with time we may look back at these organisations as the pioneers of a new movement.

By pooling expert thinking, we hope we have created an ideas menu that any organisation, from any sector can hold against its strategy and ask ‘What if…?’

March 2013