Paulina Godfrey

Director Energy and Environment Europe, Middle East and Africa

Hilton Worldwide

Paulina Godfrey has been with Hilton since July 2008 and her role is to help the company become more environmentally responsible and efficient, and provide value to all the share- and stake-holders. She is responsible for the management, planning and directing of the Energy and Environmental activities for hotels across EMEA, inclusive of procurement process for all centrally managed utilities; compliance with the company and local environmental legislation; implementation of efficiency and conservation projects; monitoring and reporting; as well as organizational support to other departments and individual hotels with environmental and engineering initiatives, motivation and training. Before joining Hilton Paulina worked as an university lecturer in Sweden and Poland and continues to be an active author, reviewer and an Editorial Board member for a number of international tourism and hospitality focused journals. She co-authored a book “Responsible Hospitality: Theory and practice” with Rebecca Hawkins.