Putting a Value on Social Programmes

This report contains an expert crowd’s view on valuing the social sustainability contribution of organisations, led by Stephen Greene, CEO and Co-founder of RockCorps.

Are we entering an era where companies that solve social issues are more valuable than those that don’t? Paul Frampton, the CEO of Havas Media, tells us that the brands that have the greatest interest in human well-being have outperformed stock indices by an astonishing 120%. That’s up there with the best performing hedge funds.

The way this macro trend is translated into individual strategies will determine the amount of capital that is allocated to social programmes. The rules of business suggest that an organisation that is unable to link a social programme to its financial value may fail to its programme signed off. Conversely, those that can should find a new level of funding, and if adopted  at scale may point to a new social era for business.

We’re grateful to Stephen Greene and the 194 bloggers, survey respondents, panellists and roundtable contributors who have fed into this report. We hope it represents an ideas menu for everyone.

July 2013