• Your Curve Insight Report

    With 650 projects in the Curve, this is our first Curve Insights report. This is the first time that this volume of user-generated project data has been collected, and it emphatically supports the belief that energy management is an attractive investment class. Average paybacks for the 16 technologies is 3.6 years, a better ROI than most core business. There are multiple co-benefits to energy pro......Read more
  • Co:Create

    According to McKinsey, 70% of change management programmes fail. Sometimes that’s because the strategy was flawed, but more often because it fails to engage the critical actors. The Crowd’s Co:create process changes the likelihood of success by drawing stakeholder engagement, strategy advice and crowdsourcing into a single process. You can use it to review a sustainability programme wi......Read more
  • Curve Co:create report

    The Curve is putting the sum of human experience in corporate energy management in one place where everyone can learn from each other. We believe it could remove 20% of carbon emissions from business by sharing business case information for energy projects. Think “TripAdvisor for energy management”, a global platform that consigns the reinvention of the wheel to history. We’re no......Read more
  • CIMA - Accounting for Natural Capital

    Natural capital will become as prominent a business concern in the 21st Century as the provision of adequate financial capital was in the 20th Century. Natural capital underpins all other forms of capital, including financial – ultimately we rely on it for everything. The demands of an expanding and more prosperous global population mean that natural resources and ecosystems are becoming eve......Read more
  • Tax - Insight For Business Leaders

    Transparency may well be the watchword of our times. Leaders promise it; voters and shareholders demand it. Both the World Bank’s ease of doing business index and the World Economic Forum’s global competitiveness rankings take transparency into account in their calculations. There is a global trend towards transparency in tax matters and, consequently, that is the focus of this issue. ......Read more
  • Creating Shared Value

  • 7 Reasons Your Company Needs a Sustainability Strategy

  • 3 Steps to Implementing a Sustainability Programme

  • System Revolutionaries

    Our ‘System Revolutionaries’ report pulls together the views of 300 experts through a live debate, roundtables, blogs and a survey. Systems Change is an emerging concept with profound implications  for how organisations might influence the systems within which they operate. Jonathon Porritt and Forum for the Future have been at the forefront of this thinking, so it was an obvious......Read more
  • Changemaker: Green Manufacturing

    Our "Green Manufacturing" report pulls together the views of 155 experts through a live debate, roundtables, blogs and a survey. The key finding is that the first movers are reaping commercial benefits. 68% of the crowd believe the returns generated by green investments have been "attractive", versus 7% who think they have been "disappointing". Most investors would h......Read more
  • Changemaker: New Business Models

    Our “New Business Models” report pulls together the view of 218 people, following a call from our Changemaker, Mike Barry (Director for Sustainable Business, M&S). We wanted to get the views of a diverse crowd, made up of people at big businesses, NGOs and start-ups, on the threat and opportunity these new business models pose. Here are some examples of what you'll find inside......Read more
  • Putting a Value on Social Programmes

    This report contains an expert crowd’s view on valuing the social sustainability contribution of organisations, led by Stephen Greene, CEO and Co-founder of RockCorps. Are we entering an era where companies that solve social issues are more valuable than those that don’t? Paul Frampton, the CEO of Havas Media, tells us that the brands that have the greatest interest in human well-bein......Read more

    This report contains an expert crowd’s view on the carbon and energy strategy of British Land, one of the biggest property companies in the UK. We take our hats off to British Land for being a willing subject with their energy and carbon strategy. The online appraisal was undertaken by 114 people, between the 9th and 27th May 2013, with Chris Grigg, CEO, British Land and others on the exe......Read more
  • The Energy Book

    Published in June 2013, the Energy Book accompanied our Green Corporate Energy 2013 Summit. This book and Green Corporate Energy drew their spirit from the industrial enlightenment that was shaping Britain towards the end of the 18th century. Through a variety of mediums and formats we have tried to  enable the sharing of ideas in the most efficient manner possible. We hope you will find the......Read more
  • Net Positive

    This report contains an expert crowd’s view on the emerging concept of ‘Net Positive’, led by WWF’s Dax Lovegrove. The challenge we put to Dax was ‘how can Net Positive thinking empower the next generation of business models?’ You don’t need to be a sustainability guru to recognise that the speed with which business is tackling environmental and social is......Read more
  • Green Strategy 2012 Event Paper

    Published in November 2012, this event paper accompanied our Green Strategy 2012 Summit, which explored and demonstrated the power of collaboration. The signature piece of the event was our Idea Idol session. The aim was to take what is working in the fringes of the economy, and expose it to the mainstream. Think Pop Idol meets crowdsourcing. To ensure Idea Idol has real impact, we focused on two......Read more
  • Sainsbury's Wisdom of the Crowd

    This report contains an expert crowd’s view on the sustainability strategy of Sainsbury’s, the 3rd largest retailer in the UK. This was the first time that a major company has laid bare its sustainability strategy before a crowd. Whilst parts of the process have been enabled by online technology, this pioneering use of crowdsourcing may owe more to the rise of sustainability up the co......Read more
  • Green Corporate Energy 2012 Event Paper

    Published in June 2012, this event paper accompanied our Green Corporate Energy 2012 Summit. This report reflects the views of many. The event survey represents 153 people who are engaged in energy strategies. We have strategy insights from E.ON, Utilyx, GSH and Johnson Controls, and a case study on O2’s energy strategy. Together, these different perspectives reflect the areas of b......Read more
  • O2: An agent for change

    Published in June 2012, this review of Think Big, O2’s sustainability programme strategy accompanied the same months Green Monday event, at which Ronan Dunne, CEO, O2, addressed our crowd of 150+ senior sustainability strategists.   ...Read more
  • Kingfisher: Crossing the Chasm

    Published in January 2012, this review of the Kingfisher Group strategy accompanied the same months Green Monday event, at which Ian Cheshire, CEO, Kingfisher, addressed our crowd of 200+ senior sustainability strategists. ...Read more

    This case study was published in November 2011, and is based in part on interviews with Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President and Head of Electric Vehicles at Nissan. Nissan’s pursuit of the Electric Vehicle market is an example of a global company placing a major bet on sustainability megatrends. The strategy is still at an early stage, but with the auto industry being disrupted ahead ......Read more
  • Sustainability: The Next Generation

    Published in November 2011, this event paper accompanied our Green Strategy 2011 Summit. “Sustainability” as a business concept is always changing. And it may be going through its most profound period of change to date, spurred by global megatrends and accelerated by the apparently stagnating western economies. It is simultaneously unnerving and exciting, with rewards for those wh......Read more
  • Energy Efficiency 2011 White Paper

    Published in June 2011, this event paper accompanied our Green Corporate Energy 2011 Summit, and contains an expert crowd’s view on the investment case for energy efficiency. The clear output was that in 2011 there was a substantial market failure around Energy Efficiency. To differing extents, all companies had commercially attractive investment opportunities that were yet to be taken.......Read more