Sainsbury's Wisdom of the Crowd

This report contains an expert crowd’s view on the sustainability strategy of Sainsbury’s, the 3rd largest retailer in the UK.

This was the first time that a major company has laid bare its sustainability strategy before a crowd. Whilst parts of the process have been enabled by online technology, this pioneering use of crowdsourcing may owe more to the rise of sustainability up the corporate agenda and the evolution towards a more open era of business.

The idea that a company would put its strategy up for appraisal by a crowd that includes its competitors was still an anathema for most companies in 2012. By being the
first company to embrace our ‘going naked’ format, Sainsbury’s demonstrated its commitment to lead in sustainability and may be setting a standard for other sectors.

We are grateful to Sainsbury’s for approaching the format with such a positive and open attitude; to the crowd for engaging wholeheartedly in the format; and to Fishburn Hedges Group for their help in developing the format and this document. We hope the value goes beyond all sectors, as a menu for sustainable business models.