Sean Culey

Executive Vice President, Research and Advisory Services


Sean is a business transformation expert whose work on disruptive technologies and their impact is globally recognised. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, speaking at events and universities across the world, and a widely-published author of thought-provoking pieces in journals such as The European Business Review and Forbes.   He designs and delivers masterclasses on how Disruptive Technologies are impacting business, economies and societies, and helps companies address these challenges by thinking differently.

Sean spent a decade at Cadbury Schweppes as the Global Design Authority on what was the world’s largest SAP project, and six years as CEO of business consultancy ‘SEVEN’.  He is also a member of the European Leadership team of the APICS Supply Chain Council, SCOR Master Instructor and Executive Vice-President, Research and Advisory Services for Manucore.

Sean has two books currently in production; THRIVE!: Business success in the Age of Disruption’ due in late 2017, and ‘Transition Point: Evolution, Revolution or Endgame?’ due late 2018.