September 2017 Forum Highlights

Rise of the Machines

Date: 2017-09-04

How should we prepare for - and respond to - the radical transformations being unleashed by this Fourth Industrial Revolution? 

Can we make the machines work for the greater good to help build a better world for all? Or are we unleashing the forces of our own destruction, servitude and obsolescence? 

Will the rise of the machines, require fundamental changes to our economic system, the adoption of universal incomes, and the creation of entirely new industries to keep people occupied and employed? 

Or will it be the death of work as we know it, leaving us to while away our days, sipping piña coladas in a beachside hammock? Or bloodied, hungry and desperate, rising up like John Connor or the Paris mob in a new post-apocalyptic hell?

These were the ideas we explored in our September Crowd Forum on “The Rise of the Machines”. 160 attendees joined us as we delved into both the positive and negative implications of this fascinating and radical transformation, whose impacts are already being felt.

We hope you enjoy this highlights video. 

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