Stephen Greene



Stephen Greene is the CEO and a co-founder of RockCorps, a pro-social production company and global youth movement. RockCorps introduces people to a lifelong relationship with civic engagement by using the power of music to inspire volunteering. RockCorps produces large-scale pop, rock and hip-hop concerts, distributing tickets exclusively to volunteers, who commit four hours of their time at a RockCorps community project in their area. Through music, RockCorps is ‘Moving a Generation to Change the World'.

Born in Portland, Oregon, Stephen earned his MBA at UCLA's Anderson Business School. For six years, Stephen was the Executive Director at The Fowler Center, a Michigan; USA based non-profit organization for people with developmental and physical disabilities.

Following Michigan, Stephen took a sharp turn into venture capital and investment banking. During this time in venture capital, Stephen came together with six friends from various backgrounds covering; non-profit, marketing, music and entertainment, to establish and launch RockCorps in the U.S. in 2005 with Boost Mobile (Sprint) as the first brand partner.

In 2008 Stephen and co-founders brought their innovative platform to the UK. They worked in partnership with Orange, Blackberry and Channel 4 to create a series of community projects and concerts. Since then, RockCorps has expanded to France, Israel, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Australia, whilst working with over 75 artists including Lady GaGa, Maroon 5, Rihanna, David Guetta, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Tinie Tempah, Smashing Pumpkins and The Script. Thus far, over 130,000 volunteers have participated and over 500,000 hours of community work have been generated.

Stephen and his partners are working to spread the message that volunteering is part of youth lifestyle around the world. Over 35% of volunteers go back to volunteer again - after their RockCorps experience.

Recently Stephen was recognized for his experience in youth engagement, and asked to serve as Executive Chairman of the Independent Management Body for National Citizen Service. This voluntary position was announced by Prime Minister David Cameron at No 10, "I am delighted that Stephen Greene will be supporting this endeavour, as the founding Chairman of a new organisation to help deliver NCS. As the CEO of RockCorps, Stephen brings a wealth of experience in unlocking the power of young people and connecting them to opportunities to do good in their communities."

Stephen Greene is also an advisor to War Child UK, the charity that works to prevent children from being recruited as soldiers of war, as well as trustee of IVO and The Fowler Center.