Sustainable Supply Transformation

Monday, November 06, 2017

18:00 - 21:00

The confluence of two powerful mega trends is radically transforming the world of business supply chains in unprecedented ways.

The rise of hyperconnectivity and social media has created a generation of empowered global consumers who are more informed and demanding than ever before about the social, environmental and ethical footprint of the companies, brands and products they purchase. The age of anonymity and sustainable lip-service is gone, replaced by an all-seeing, always-connected and ultra-empowered consumer world, where authenticity and sustainability are crucial for business longevity.

At the same time, what has been termed the Fourth Industrial Revolution, has unleashed a brave new world of disruptive digital transformation that is radically impacting business supply chains at all points from extraction and production through distribution and consumption to the end of the product lifecycle.

Leading companies are riding this wave of digital and sustainable supply chain transformation, applying new ways of thinking, new strategies and new collaborative approaches, often in conjunction with disruptive new technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, AI, big data, analytics and digitalisation, with revolutionary impacts right across the value chain.

The end result is a radical rethinking and transformation of their end-to-end supply chains, making them more circular, more ethical and more sustainable, with lower carbon footprints, enhanced transparency and traceability, and more positive impacts across the entire value chain.

For our November Crowd Forum, we investigate how these two mega trends are driving “Sustainable Supply Transformation”.

Find out how some of the world’s most recognisable brands are leading the way and radically transforming their end-to-end sourcing, production, distribution and product lifecycles to create new value propositions in an age of digitally empowered and increasingly conscious consumption. 


Axel Threlfall Reuters

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Kate Wylie Mars

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Kirstie McIntyre HP

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Tom Smith Walmart

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Venue Detail

Bank of America Merrill Lynch: King Edward Hall

King Edward Hall | 2 King Edward Street | London | EC1A 1HQ


Bank of America's offices are a very short walk from St Paul's tube station (Central Line). Exit the station at Cheapside/Newgate Street. Go past the BT centre, with it on your right-hand side and take the first available right down Edward Street. Continue down this road for 80m and the entrance to the venue is on your left-hand side.

Do not go to the main reception desk at their offices when you arrive. You are looking for an entrance that leads you directly into the King Edward Hall.