System Revolutionaries

Our ‘System Revolutionaries’ report pulls together the views of 300 experts through a live debate, roundtables, blogs and a survey.

Systems Change is an emerging concept with profound implications  for how organisations might influence the systems within which they operate. Jonathon Porritt and Forum for the Future have been at the forefront of this thinking, so it was an obvious choice to partner up on this report.

The aim was to pool thinking on how companies and individuals can change systems. This is a “bleeding edge” area of strategy, but from the shared experiences we dentified 5 levers that are available to most organisations.

It was a great pleasure to work with Jonathon Porritt and the Forum and the Future team on this – we weren’t surprised that they emerged as the leading NGO on systems change in the survey. Thanks also to our Fishburn, who saw wood from trees and produced this report.