The Curve has been shortlisted for the Energy Productivity Innovation Challenge 2016

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 13, 2016 - The Curve has been shortlisted for the Energy Productivity Innovation Challenge (EPIC) among 21 finalists. The shortlist, from a total of 80 entrants, was announced at the International Energy Agency’s Innovation in Energy Efficiency conference in Paris on 13 October.

Commenting on the announcement, Jim Woods, CEO of The Crowd, a sustainability incubator behind The Curve, said: “We’re believers in moonshot thinking, creating very ambitious goals that generate momentum. Our mission is to accelerate the complete removal of carbon emissions from the energy consumed by business with the help of the platform. We’re glad to see that others share our passion and believe that The Curve could be an enabler of that.” 

The Curve competed against 80 entrants from global technology companies and innovators from all over the world, which entered their solutions and recommendation policies in the following categories; homes, buildings, mobility, systems and finance. 

The EPIC winners will be selected by the jury committee and will be announced at the Low Emissions Solutions Conference at the UN Climate Summit - COP22 in Marrakech on 13-16 November 2016. The committee consists of the leading minds in the energy efficiency and sustainability space, including the likes of;


  • Iain Campbell, MD Rocky Mountain Institute’s Building Programme 
  • Juan Carlos Rubio Castilla, CEO Planetary Skin Institute 
  • Nicholas Eisenberger, MD, SuperCollider 
  • Dan Hamza Goodacre, Director, ClimateWorks 
  • Anirban Ghosh, VP Group Sustainability, Mahindra 
  • Brian Motherway, Head of Energy Efficiency, IEA 
  • Joel Makower, Founder 

For more information about The Curve, visit or get in touch with Elina Yumasheva at or on +442071609864. 

About EPIC

EPIC – the Energy Productivity Innovation Challenge – is a global initiative devised and delivered by Energy Unlocked with funding from ClimateWorks. Entries were invited from global technology companies and innovators between June and September 2016. A jury of clean energy pioneers and experts including – ClimateWorks Foundation, Rocky Mountain Institute, International Energy Agency, World Green Buildings Council, Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the B Team – announced 21 regional finalists on 13-14 October at the IEA’s Innovation in Energy Efficiency event. For more information, visit 

About The Curve

The Curve is the TripAdvisor for energy management. It's a peer-to-peer platform that allows companies to share their energy project experience, so that everyone can learn from each other. By focusing on business case data, organisations can find the best returns and star ratings, avoid projects that don't work, draw up business cases and identify the leading suppliers. It's all about advancing energy productivity, drawing inspiration from the market transformation achieved by platforms such as Airbnb, Waze and TripAdvisor. For more information, visit


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  • Your Curve Insight Report

    With 650 projects in the Curve, this is our first Curve Insights report. This is the first time that this volume of user-generated project data has been collected, and it emphatically supports the belief that energy management is an attractive investment class. Average paybacks for the 16 technologies is 3.6 years, a better ROI than most core business. There are multiple co-benefits to energy pro......Read more
  • Press release: The TripAdvisor of energy management has been launched

    The TripAdvisor of energy management, The Curve today represents the largest collection of user generated data of real time energy projects across sectors.  Similarly to other user generated platforms such as TripAdvisor, it collects information on energy efficiency investments and helps users to benchmark their costs in order to make better investment decision.  


    Jim Woods, CEO at The Crowd (the incubator behind the Curve), said “The journey began in 2014, with the question ‘How can we help to tackle the market failure in corporate energy management?’ We estimate that over 40% of commercially attractive energy projects, which are largely synonymous with carbon reduction projects, are unrealised each year.  In the UK alone, that’s well over £1bn worth of missed investments, which matters in an era of climate change”.


    Platforms have been extraordinarily successful at tackling market failures in other markets – TripAdvisor has brought new efficiency to the travel market, Airbnb has almost single-handedly built a new global market for home stays, and Uber has becoming the clearing house for taxi drivers. Platforms have become one of the most disruptive forces in today’s economy.


    “We set out to build the TripAdvisor for Energy Management”, says Woods. “It is quite a radical project. Our first challenge was to see if companies were prepared to share business case information, as we couldn’t find a precedent in any other business areas. All the examples we looked at were in consumer-facing markets”. Today, with over 100 companies having uploaded anonymised energy projects to the Curve, from lighting to renewable energy, this challenge has largely been overcome. 


    The companies who have uploaded data come from a wide range of sectors, including BAE Systems, BT, Capgemini, Heathrow, Jaguar Land Rover, The Crown Estate, Toyota, Unilever, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and WPP. There are over 650 projects in the Curve today, with a combined investment value of over £500m.


    As the journey has evolved, the Curve’s next challenge is to see if this information can make a meaningful impact on energy strategies and move to the “Advisor” stage. The Curve team have realised that Artificial Intelligence is the end game, which could revolutionise corporate energy programmes. By adding an algorithm, the Curve can hold key information about your company – the projects you’ve run to date, your site types and your CFO’s hurdle rate etc. – against the market. It can start to advise you on projects that should work, and key information such as market return data, the best suppliers, and draw conclusions from the user comments.


    Just as TripAdvisor, sharing and collaboration are at the heart of this project. “We’re the originators of the Curve, but we’re working with a great many industry experts to make sure we make as few mistakes as we can” says Woods. “We see this as a new way of working with our community of 10,000 experts, and is a model we’re using with our other mission-led incubation projects.”



    Additional information


    The data collected

    The Curve collects around 15 data points for each energy project, mainly on the business case, with the company name being anonymised when it enters the visible database. The key data points are; site type, technology area (lighting, control, wind, transport etc.), amount invested, the payback, a star rating for the project, comments and any recommended suppliers. This information then becomes available to everyone through the search capability, allowing people to see aggregate data and individual project data.


    About The Crowd

    The Crowd is best known for its monthly sustainability event, the Crowd Forum, which has met 92 times with 16,000 people taking part. In April 2015 The Crowd added an incubation capability, to explore tech-based solutions for corporate sustainability, funded by a £450k fundraise through Crowdcube. The two incubations are the Curve and Co:create, an open strategy platform designed to empower sustainability teams in large organisations.



    The Curve platform is currently open to try and use, and it’s free. More details can be found here:

    For any press requirements please contact Elina Yumasheva at or on +44(0)20 7160 9864. 

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    Press release: The TripAdvisor of energy management has been launched

    The Curve, The TripAdvisor of energy management

    The TripAdvisor of energy management, The Curve today represents the largest collection of user generated data of real time energy projects across sectors.  Similarly to other user generated platforms such as TripAdvisor, it collects information on energy efficiency investments and helps users to benchmark their costs in order to make better investment decision.