Tony Gale

Director of Infrastructure


Tony Gale is GE General Manager London 2012 and Director of City Infrastructure. Tony is responsible for managing GE’s sponsorship programme with the Olympic authorities as well as enterprise sales opportunities generated around the London 2012 Olympic Games.  In his role as Director of City Infrastructure he also has a wider focus on implementing city infrastructure solutions in London and elsewhere in the UK.

A native of Bargod, South Wales, Tony joined the Royal Navy as an Apprentice specialising in Weapons Guidance & Stabilisation Platforms in the surface fleet. During his naval career, he served on a number of ships and was part of NATO's Armilla Patrol during the Iran/Iraq conflict in 1984. His final role prior to leaving the Navy in 1988 was running the Weapons Department in Rosyth, Scotland, planning and executing fast-track refit programmes.

After leaving the Navy, Tony held a number of engineering and sales roles. As Specification Manager for Merlin Gerin Group Schneider he assisted in the design of the electrical distribution for the second Severn Crossing between England and Wales.

Tony began his GE career in sales roles for industrial switch gear and power controls at GE Industrial. Taking a break from his GE career, Tony took a position as Commercial Director for High Voltage Motors for Laurence Scott and worked as an independent Six Sigma consultant. He was Commercial Director at George Ellison Ltd working on high-end Electrical Switch boards for bespoke power generators before rejoining GE  in 2001.

Building experience in a variety of specialisms within GE Industrial, Tony became UK Sales Manager, and when London was awarded the 2012 Olympic Games, Tony was the Business Development manager for the Consumer & Industrial business. With the Games coming to London, Tony took on the larger role of GE's General Manager London 2012 in 2007, creating a dedicated team focused on delivering GE's solutions to the Games.