The ultimate CR & sustainability salary survey returns

Back in 2007, there was very little hard data on the salary levels of corporate responsibility and sustainability professionals. As Carnstone’s Paul Burke confirmed to me when I joined Acre “it was against this background that Acre and Carnstone first discussed the possibility of undertaking a survey of people working in the sector with the aim of providing some answers to these questions”.

Just 280 people took part in that initial survey, but  the level of interest the survey generated in both the specialist and more general media was very encouraging.

Fast forward nine years and Acre, in conjunction with Carnstone and Flag are pleased to announce the launch of our 2016 Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Salary Survey. It’s a biennial study, which in 2014 was believed to be the largest of its kind. This year we promise to disclose extra information, to give even more valuable insight and build on the 1,200 respondents.

In 2014, the average UK salary in CR and sustainability was £55,000. Which was a slight decline compared to 2012. We are expecting to see an upturn this time around. In addition to revealing earning power and skills required for success, the 2016 survey will divulge details on diversity, budgets, team sizes and draw comparisons across the previous five surveys. We will also look at the top five job function activities. Two years ago strategy, development and implementation was number one and it will be interesting to see how many CR and sustainability projects have moved further towards reporting and performance measurement.

We are urging professionals in the sector who work in-house, as well as in external consultancies, to sign up and shed light on their salaries and benefits, responsibilities and backgrounds. That way we can make the survey, more than just a series of graphs and charts.

Those who take part, help Acre, Carnstone and Flag to build the clearest understanding of the professional CR/S landscape in existence. All participants in the survey will receive a copy of the final report.

To take part (the survey should take no more than five minutes to complete) click here.

It is 100% confidential – no participants' names or contact details will be published or made available to any third parties at any stage. The results will be collated and revealed later this year. To find out more feel free to get in touch by email.

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