Your Curve Insight Report

With 650 projects in the Curve, this is our first Curve Insights report. This is the first time that this volume of user-generated project data has been collected, and it emphatically supports the belief that energy management is an attractive investment class. Average paybacks for the 16 technologies is 3.6 years, a better ROI than most core business.

There are multiple co-benefits to energy projects, particularly for maintenance and employee satisfaction. And encouragingly, star ratings for energy projects rise from 3.3 at assessment stage to 3.9 when live, which should give confidence. When you marry the attractive paybacks, the multiple co-benefits and positive star ratings, energy projects should be easy for CFOs to sign off. The challenge often lies in accessing the business case information, which the Curve aims to overcome that through encouraging and enabling the sharing of experience. This report includes data entered up to the 30th June 2016.