We started 2017 with an evening with Antony Jenkins on “Digital Society”. Antony’s experience ranges from being CEO of Barclays – where he was nicknamed “Saint Antony” for his progressive agenda – to his current role as a fintech entrepreneur. He asked deep questions of where tech is taking us – is the end game dystopia or utopia?

We heard how transformative digital technologies are reshaping business and society, and how they fit with an increasingly populist, short-term business agenda. Whilst automating work and widening the skills gap, technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain offer extraordinary solutions to social and environmental issues.

Through a speech, a discussion with Axel Threlfall and audience Q&A, we covered questions such as;

  • Why has business lost the trust of society, and how can technology help and hinder this relationship?
  • How does a CEO deliver a purpose-led change management programme, and how long does it take?
  • What technologies offer the best prospects in business becoming a force for good in society?
  • What is the risk that some of the most powerful technologies are rejected by society?
  • What decisions do we need to take today which will determine whether we’re in a dystopian or a utopian pathway?

This was an evening for people in senior management roles, tech experts and those responsible for the relationship between their business and society.

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Event for: Directors / Heads of | Communications | Sustainability | CSR | Corporate Affairs | Marketing | Reporting | Digital


  • Anthony Jenkins

    Executive Chairman, 10x Future Technologies
  • Axel Threlfall

    Editor-at-Large, Reuters

Round Tables

  • Climate Crossroads
    With the Paris Agreement ratified, greater investor interest and new tech solutions, 2017 could be a vintage year for carbon reduction. Standing against this is a sceptical US president, and companies cutting back on discretionary spend. How should carbon experts be looking to play 2017?
  • Communicating In The Digital World
    How is corporate communication changing in a digital world? Do we agree that PR is dying, and that values are more important? What of our new “fake news” era? Should companies be identifying social issues they care about, and take a campaign approach? Which companies are getting this right?
  • Digital Energy
    After years of stability, is energy management starting to be disrupted? Is the disruption a product of the broader digital revolution, or more industry specific trends such as decentralised energy? Have companies got the right skillsets for this change, and what is the risk of not being involved?
  • Digital Sustainability
    What digital solutions offer the best prospects for tackling social and environmental issues? From social media to data platforms to the Internet of Things to the blockchain to Artificial Intelligence. Are sustainability executives leveraging the full potential of these technologies?
  • Going Local, Going Digital
    Should we expect an increased focus on how business can invest in local communities in 2017? How can business measure the return on investment, and what are the most effective means, from supporting local causes to volunteering? How can digital help?
  • Tech Meets Nature
    Whilst technological advancement has devastated natural capital, is it now our best chance at finding a harmony? What technologies should we be tracking and using, from platforms that provide data to reporting platforms to ESG quant funds? What could change the game for natural capital in 2017?
  • The Gig Economy
    Tech platforms that underpin the gig economy are a threat and an opportunity for big business. Also, the rise of the gig economy doesn’t benefit all equally. How should companies balance the desire for a more liquid workforce with providing an appropriate employee protection?
  • The Sustainability Skillset
    Do you agree that 2017 will test sustainability skills sets more than previous years? Is there an increasing divide in the skill sets that employers are looking for and those that the next generation are offering and think we need? What are the helpful ones – digital, business case analysis, technical knowledge, tenacity, empathy, persuasion, innovation?
  • Transparent Supply Chains
    Does digital technology offer a game-changing solution for better value chains, from transparency to knowledge sharing? Is the level of supply chain disclosure we’re seeing at manufacturers such as G-STAR and Patagonia going to be the norm in the future, and what other breakthroughs are you seeing?
  • Values Vs Populism


  • 17:30
    Arrivals and Networking
  • 18:00
    Welcome: Jim Woods, CEO, The Crowd
  • 18:05
    Keynote speech by Anthony Jenkins
  • 18:25
    Axel Threlfall in conversation with Anthony Jenkins
  • 19:15
    Roundtable discussions (moderated discussions in groups of 10-12)
  • 20:00
    Drinks and Networking
  • 20:00

Venue Details

King Edward Hall, 2 King Edward St, London EC1A 1HQ

Who's Attending

CEO A Blueprint for Better Business
Global Director Product and Process Innovation Integration ABInbev
PR Director Accor
Research Consultant Acre
Global Head of Marketing Anthesis
Global Responsibility Investor Aviva Investors
VP CEO Office Corporate Banking Barclays
Commercial Development Manager Bioregional
Sustainability Consultant Capgemini
Senior Manager, Science Based Targets CDP
Head of Operations and Innovation Civilised Bank
Journalist Collectively / The Guardian / Positive News
Director of Partnerships Current, powered by GE
Commercial Manager – Partnerships Current, powered by GE
Strategic Key Account Manager Current, powered by GE
Director of Client Services Forster
CEO Given London
Partner Global Action Plan
Social Strategy Director Golin
Sustainability Director Offer & Supply Chain Kingfisher plc
Sustainable Development Manager Marks & Spencer
SRI Analyst Morgan Stanley
Head of Client Engagement Neighbourly
Senior Ext Comms Manager NG Bailey
Corporate Press Manager Novozymes
Social Performance Adviser Shell
Head of Sustainability Skanska UK Plc
managing director Squeaky Clean Energy
Senior Sustainability Advisor Thames Water Utilities Limited
Event Manager The Crowd
CEO The Crowd
Director Trucost
Corporate partnerships UNICEF UK
Principal Verco
Managing Director Verco
Global Supply Chain Product leader Zurich Commercial