COVID-19 reminded the world that highly efficient globalised supply chains are exposed to a wide array of potential disruptions and bottlenecks. From navigating disrupted sales pipelines, to restricted materials, labour and logistics, the pandemic has led many businesses to reconsider their operations. As the global economy unfreezes and companies recover from the shocks of the pandemic, this is a unique moment to consider what it would take to “build back better” and become resilient to future shocks – not least the ever impending threat of climate change.

Future-proofing businesses requires a careful recalibration of value and risk. Companies who successfully do so will not only safeguard their assets, but could deepen their responsible business footprint. A move to distributed sources and circular models, for example, could result in reduced raw material consumption, strengthened local economies and increased resource security. But there will inevitably be winners and losers in these shifts. How can companies act responsibly when implementing these supply chain transitions? In the post-pandemic world what are the key expectations from stakeholders in terms of transparency, agility, and responsiveness to future disruption? How should businesses engage their suppliers to co-navigate these issues, and what wider collective action is needed on a sector and industry-wide basis?

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Event for: Directors/Heads of: Sustainability | CSR | Innovation | Supply chains | Procurement


  • Klaus Dohrmann

    Vice President Innovation & Trend Research at DHL
  • Marcela Navarro

    CEO and Co-founder of Project-X
  • Sonya Bhonsle

    Global Head of Supply Chains at CDP
  • Bash Sohal

    Head of Supply Chain Management at Vodafone

Round Tables

  • Whilst we're still online, our usual topical roundtables will be replaced by hackathon-style discussions on how to integrate solutions into business practices. They will be assigned based on the interests specified in the application form.


  • 15:00 - 15:10
    Welcome and opening remarks
  • 15:10 - 15:45
    Panel discussion with: Klaus Dohrmann, Vice President Innovation & Trend Research, DHL; Bash Sohal, Head of Supply Chain Management, Vodafone UK; Sonya Bhonsle, Global Head of Supply Chains, CDP; Marcela Navarro, CEO, Project-X
  • 15:45 - 16:25
    Virtual breakout rooms for business leaders to share practical insights and intelligence on focused issues.
  • 16:25 - 1630
    Closing remarks

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This event will take place online

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This event will be attended by Directors/ Heads of sustainability, CSR, strategy, operations, supply chains, procurement, energy management, logistics and related fields.